Six Food and Drink Pairings for Events

People often think you can pair almost any drink with a meal, and this may be true, but are you getting the best taste experience you can? As a professional catering company, we often get asked to provide snacks and meals that will pair well with whatever is being served as drinks on your big event day.

To start with, you need to decide what direction your event is heading in. Is it an upmarket evening affair for your company, an afternoon birthday tea with friends or a summer wedding lunch? Once you’ve determined the type of event, as well as more about the guests attending, you can decide what type of food would make the most sense to serve.

Here are our top 6 Food and Drink Pairings

1. Dill and Lemon Salmon Bites will pair perfectly with a good Gin cocktail. Choose citrus garnishes to offset the dill and lemon, such as orange wedges, lemon juice or naartjie peel.

2. Spicy Kung Pao Chicken (a Chinese favourite all over the world!) can be served as skewers or in bowls, and pairs best with an off-dry to dry white Riesling. The Riesling is often preferred for its food pairing versatility and revitalizing palate appeal.

3. Pulled pork sliders are appropriate all year round, but their casual presentation makes them perfect for a relaxed Summer time event. The best drink to pair with pulled pork’s tangy barbeque sauce is a refreshing Rose wine. Because of its adaptability, Rose can handle an array of flavours, perfect for a sweet, salty and spicy pork marinade!

4. Mini Mexican Tacos are the perfect bite sized treat to serve with guacamole and sour cream. They pair best with a Lager beer as the lightness of the Lager cuts through the fieriness of the Taco’s seasoning.

5. To end off the event on a sweet note, you could serve dark chocolate truffles. The typical pairing with these is a glass of red wine, but why not try something different? A shot of rum will pair beautifully with the truffles adding a bit of extra sweetness and highlighting the flavours of the chocolate.

6. Another sweet combination, perfect for a high tea event, is a plain Madeira or almond cake slice, served with a high quality tea (like a Darjeeling).

We hope these ideas have sparked some inspiration for the planning ahead!

If you’re still uncertain on how best to pair food and drinks for your next private function, contact us, we can guide you every step of the way.