Three Simple Event Catering Ideas for this year’s office party

Catering for an office full of vastly different people can be tricky. Everyone has different eating habits, preferences and even allergies. For the end of year party, you want your staff to feel valued and have the best time possible.

Here are three event catering ideas that are sure to satisfy everyone

1. Encourage Participation

One way to get everyone involved in the end of year office party is to allow them to have a say in it. If you can’t decide between serving Mexican, Middle Eastern, or Italian cuisine, let the office vote! This guarantees that you’ll be picking the right cuisine for the majority of the office and keeping (almost) everyone happy.

2. Deconstruct the Classics

It always helps to give people options when they’re dishing up the meal. Instead of ready-made wraps or burgers, have all the ingredients laid out on the table so people can make their own. This allows people to add extra helpings of the things they love, and doesn’t force them to eat anything they don’t enjoy. It also allows office interaction and a bit more engagement with the meal, as people are able to learn more about their fellow colleagues through what they decide to put on their plates.

3. Keep it Simple

Things that are difficult to dish up and require many elements to make can become a massive pain to deal with. Instead of a pasta and separate sauce, which requires each person to have a bowl and cutlery and allows for major sauce spillage, choose bite-sized snacks or meals that are already in disposable boxes. Examples are things like bite-sized bruschetta platters with various toppings, fruit skewers or mini stir frys served in disposable boxes with chopsticks. This saves time by removing the need to wash up and means your office carpets don’t get smeared with unknown stains!

We hope you enjoy these pretty foolproof ways to guarantee employee satisfaction and enjoyment at your party.

If you need an extra hand in executing the perfect event or aren’t really sure where to even begin, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist!