Why a spit braai might just be the answer to your party menu

If you’re hosting a large party and aren’t sure what to do for the main protein, keep it simple and consider a spit braai.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. You can spit braai almost anywhere

In a campfire, using gas, wood or charcoal or in a fireplace. This means it’s a fuss free way to cook your meat and you can use whatever heat provider you have at home. It also means you can cook it outdoors if you’re hosting your party at another venue or in your back garden.

2. Meat and Poultry are Self-Basting

Meat and poultry on a spit braai are self-basting as the fat and juices travel over and through them as they cook. Self-basting means less effort on the braai master’s part so you can focus on other food elements for the party and doesn’t have to worry about continuously adding more marinade throughout the day.

3. The meat is evenly cooked

The slow and gentle cooking on a spit braai means the meat ends up succulent and tender and the way the meat is placed on the spit braai means it will be evenly cooked throughout.

4. Spit braais aren’t only for meat!

You can add whole vegetables (like onions) or fruit (the best is pineapple) for a charred texture and delicious flavour.

5. It simplifies the admin on the day of the party

Rather than having many different proteins cooking (some in the oven, some on the braai and some served cold), you can pick one protein that you know everyone will like, and cook it to perfection! There’s no stress about carving or slicing many different things and your full attention can be given to whatever you’ve chosen to spit braai. Sometimes giving people too much choice can become a problem and you end up over-catering, with way more leftovers than you had anticipated.

Spit braaing should become every host’s go-to for its ease, simplicity and guaranteed deliciousness!

Feeling unsure about where to start with a spit braai? Get in touch with us!

As professional caterers, we will cook and carve the perfect lamb (or chicken, beef or pork) and put together the perfect accompanying dishes too!