How to pick the perfect venue for your off-site company event

As professional caterers, all of our events happen off-site, so we’re pretty experienced when it comes to these type of events. There are so many important things to consider when planning an off-site event, but the venue is at the top of the list.

Here are some things to consider before making your final venue choice:

1. Cost

The company will be covering the costs for the event, so I’m sure you’ll be aware of being cost conscious. There needs to be room in the budget for food, drinks and entertainment so the venue can’t take over the costs. Try and be flexible with the date of the event as some locations offer venues for cheaper on weekdays or during out of season months.

2. Location

People will be somewhere other than the company, so distance is something to consider. If people are used to driving to the company everyday, try and find a location within a reasonable distance from the company so people feel comfortable with traveling and don’t have to drive anywhere unknown or far away.

3. Services Offered

When hosting off-site, it’s important to make sure the venue has everything you need. Find out if the venue has a kitchen where your caterers can prepare your food and snacks as well as tables, chairs and linens (this will save you major effort). If there’s a lot to do, find out if the venue has a set up or cleaning team that can assist you to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Lastly, if you need sound or video for the event, make sure the venue has these capabilities and plug points beforehand.

4. Venue Capacity

Make sure the venue has enough space for your number of guests and if possible, a little extra space so everyone is comfortable and not crammed.

5. Parking

Check that the venue has enough parking space for the number of cars, and if not, organise a shuttle service to pick up and drop off guests at another safe location.

6. Accessibility

Finally, make sure all your employees will find the venue to be easily accessible, especially those with disabilities or special needs.

Now that you know exactly what to look out for, let the venue hunt begin! Once you’ve found the perfect space, contact us to cater the event!