Organise corporate lunches for your staff and reap these benefits

Some companies provide their staff with delicious, quality lunches as part of their company benefits. This isn’t just for fun; it actually assists the company as well as the employee in many ways.

Here are some reasons why you should consider corporate lunches

1. It makes workers feel appreciated

Everyone knows that people work harder when they feel valued and respected. Organising tasty lunches for staff makes them feel like they are worth the effort, and in turn will increase worker morale and attitude.

2. It helps guarantee that everyone eats

Office workers are often too busy to leave their building and wait in a line for food so they often go without. Providing in-house meals guarantees that more employees will eat lunch and it makes it easier for them to take a quick midday break. Not only that, but having a midday meal also increases overall energy and gives staff the ability to work harder with more focus. Benefits all round!

3. It saves time

Those staff members who do leave the building to get lunch are often stuck in long queues or have to walk or drive a substantial distance to get the meal they want. This means more time wasted and less work completed. Offering company lunches allows staff to get their meal quickly in order to continue working without wasting time.

4. It encourages office communication

When meals are served within the company, everyone gets together to dish up and eat together. A room or area can be set aside with chairs and tables where people can spend time getting to know each other and company relationships can be strengthened.

Offering staff lunches is a no-brainer. It increases energy and morale, saves time, and encourages staff bonding. Need help getting your staff menu together? At Rocket Catering, we care about creating beautiful meals to be shared and enjoyed. Get in touch with us to get your office lunches going!

Need a way to improve the office vibe? Contact us to prepare a fresh and delicious corporate lunch!