Here comes the sun! 5 cool catering tips for your next outdoor event!

Catering for an outdoor event doesn’t have to become a logistical nightmare. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your outdoor event runs smoothly and the food is a hit with everyone!

5 catering tips for your next outdoor event:

1. Make sure you’re aware of temperatures

Keeping food hot or cold depending on the chosen menu is crucial. If you’re serving curries, stews or other warm meals, ensure you have enough hot plates so you aren’t serving cold food to your guests. If you’re doing fresh salads or smoothies, ensure you have fridges, air ventilation or the appropriate amount of shade for these items to stay cool and crisp.

2. Aim to make as much as possible in advance

This way, you can lay everything out on the tables and only focus on the elements that need to be prepared fresh. You’ll be able to take some of the food elements outside a few hours before the event and free up time for other things.

3. Keep power in mind

If you’re using fridges, hot plates or other items that need to be plugged in outdoors, make sure you set up near a power point and don’t overload the electrical system (causing it to blow!).

4. Be prepared for temperamental weather conditions

Even if it says it will be sunny without a doubt, prepare for the worst. Make sure you have a back up marquee or covering for the guests and food just in case of any sudden and unexpected weather changes. 

5. Keep the bugs at bay

Bugs are an absolute nuisance and extremely unappealing to your guests when they’re attempting to enjoy the meal. The Summer months are especially bad in South Africa, with mosquitos and insects hanging around everywhere. To avoid these little critters, make sure you have lids for all your dishes and put them on before and after guests have served themselves. If possible, keep the air circulating to deter insect flight paths and if you have plug points, plug in a few bug zappers or scent releasers to keep them away.

Now that you’re fully prepared to host the perfect outdoor event, send out those invites and get cracking!

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