Throwing a new year’s cocktail party? Add these must-haves to your list!

Ring in the new year in style and make your new year’s cocktail party shine with our simple tips and tricks.

5 must-have items for your cocktail party

1. Cocktail shakers

To make those killer cocktails, you’ll need a cocktail shaker (or two)! It’s an essential part of the bar and no cocktail party is complete without them.

2. Tablecloths

It may sound strange, but all the liquid being transported around the event could mean water damage to any wooden tables you love. Put trendy tablecloths down in prints or textures and protect your furniture at the same time!

3. Some extraordinary ice blocks

Go with the normal ones for your crushed ice drinks, but for other drinks that require whole ice blocks, pop the ice block tray into the freezer with edible flowers or pieces of herbs to make the ice blocks really pop inside your drinks!

4. Finger foods on demand

Guests will be holding glasses or champagne flutes, so they’ll need nibbles they can grab with their free hand and that don’t require plates. Things like: bowls of spiced nuts, pieces of biltong, fruit skewers, chocolate pieces or marinated olives will definitely go down well!

5. Add some festivity to your glasses

Dip them in various coloured sugars for a festive flair that your guests are sure to love!

We guarantee you, if you use these tips, no one will want to leave! 

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