Kids still have Easter eggs left? Three fun ways to use them up!

Kids often get given way more Easter eggs than they can actually eat in a day or over a weekend. Now you’re sitting at home with a cupboard full of chocolate that is easily accessible and constantly consumed. What to do?

To keep the sugar rushes at bay, try out these simple ways to use up the leftover chocolate and get back to normal life!

1. Chocolate fondue

We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to drink melted chocolate with a straw! But that might be a bit too much. Instead, melt down your leftover chocolate (keeping the white, milk and dark chocolates in separate bowls) and let your kids invite a few friends over for a chocolate fondue evening! They can have fun with friends, dipping freshly sliced fruit, marshmallows or plain vanilla biscuits into the different chocolate bowls, and you get rid of a big stash of chocolate in less than an hour! Fun for the adults too!

2. The signature choc-chip cookie

These may seem boring but if you’re wanting to get rid of your kids’ chocolate in a flash, let them chop it roughly and throw it into the cookie batter. The best part about these is that you’re able to keep them in a sealed container for a few days so you don’t feel pressured to eat them all at once! Or even better, put a dozen (or two) into a few containers and let your kids take them to school with them. Sugar rush, averted.

3. Decadent hot chocolate

Not all leftover chocolate has to be made into something we can eat. What about a rich cup of chocolatey goodness? Simply melt your chocolate in a pot and add milk or a milk alternative until the two have combined into a smooth consistency. Serve straight away, topped with marshmallows, or make ahead and use within two days. Adult tip: once the kids have been served, add a nip of rum or brandy to your drinks to make them extra-delicious!

It couldn’t be simpler to get rid of all the excess chocolate, and still keep the kids happy! Looking for more great chocolate ideas? Or want to add something different to your dessert bar?  Rocket Catering can create the most delicious desserts just for you and your family!

Not sure what to do on the sweet front? We can help!