Mother’s Day treats? Here are our ideas for 2017.

Mothers are very special people. They are often the ones who support us and love us regardless of our behaviour, and they certainly deserve to be spoilt for all they’ve dealt with!

People have various levels of ability and differing amounts of time to spend on making their Mom a foodie Mother’s Day treat. Don’t worry! We've got your covered!

Here are our four simple Mother’s Day treat ideas

1. Simple

Strawberries with Crème Fraiche & Sugar: If you’re not as gifted as some people in the kitchen but still want to make something with love for your mom this year, then these 3-ingredient treats will be perfect! Start with fresh, clean strawberries. Dip them into the crème fraiche and then dust with confectioner’s sugar to serve. Light and delicious!

2. Healthier

Hummingbird Cake made with Coconut Sugar: If your Mom is more health conscious than others, make her a fruit-filled cake with cream cheese frosting. Layer a vanilla sponge with fresh banana and pineapple, and sweeten it with coconut blossom sugar rather than cane sugar. A slice of this moist treat with a cup of tea is sure to delight her!

3. Complex

Individual chocolate soufflés: Want to impress your Mom with your culinary skills? Soufflés can be tricky - you need to keep the centre gooey and the outside crispy without being able to check inside while they bake. Get these right and your Mom won’t know what hit her! Perfect as an after-dinner treat.

4. Transportable

Walnut Shortbread: Does your Mom live further away than others? Make something like a walnut shortbread (or a classic vanilla shortbread), seal it in a beautiful tin, and make her a homemade card. The love and thoughtfulness in this little treat will blow her away.

It’s not as complicated as you may think to make your Mom feel special and loved this Mother’s Day. But if you just don’t have the time, hand over your Mother’s Day feast, big or small,  to Rocket Catering. With years of experience behind us, we can whip up the perfect Mother’s Day meal or just dessert for your Mom, or even put together an entire lunch menu for all the family to enjoy together.

Mother’s Day got you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t stress, Rocket knows how to make your Mom feel special this year!