3 things about Spit Braais you should know

Most people think they know everything there is to know about the humble spit braai. But this isn’t the case! Thinking spit braai for your next food function? Keep reading!

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When it comes to a spit braai, did you know?

1. You aren’t only confined to lamb or beef

While a leg of lamb or various cuts of beef steak are delicious, spit braais don’t discriminate against any form of protein. For those who prefer not to eat red meat, chicken is an incredible option to add to the rotisserie and when cooked on a spit braai, it maintains its moisture and flavour.  Love fish? Try it on the spit braai! Take a whole tuna or hake fillets and allow those to soak up fresh lemon juice or baste them with a creamy herb sauce. Even those who don’t eat any meat don’t need to go home when a spit braai is brought out. Portobello mushrooms or whole corns on the cob are delicious when added to a spit braai. Brush these with butter or olive oil and fresh crushed spices for a flavour explosion. And just when you thought you couldn’t possibly add any more to your meal, we suggest a little tofu. Create tofu skewers for vegan and vegetarian guests - these go great with the smoky flavour that a spit braai brings.

2. Spit braais aren’t only for casual events

Spit braais are considered by most as a low-key cooking method for gatherings with family and friends. While this can be true, they are also the perfect cooking option for a wedding or fancy function. They don’t have to be visible to the guests if you feel they are an eyesore but they are guaranteed to create the most tender and juicy additions to any meal. The fact that the meat ends up falling off the bone is a big money saver too, as every last bit is used and nothing goes to waste! And if you hire a professional caterer, they will handle the whole thing for you!

3. Good food takes time

In the case of spit braais, the more time the better. You will need to give yourself time to set up the spit braai, ensuring your meat is stable so it doesn’t fall over while cooking. You also need to give the meat enough time to cook. Approximately one hour per kilogram is a good guide. Invest in a meat thermometer. This way you’ll know when the meat has reached its perfect stage and it won’t be too rare or overdone by the time it’s served. You always need to leave ten minutes at the end of the meat cooking for the meat to rest. This allows the juices and flavour to settle, giving your guests maximum flavour enjoyment. Is this a little too much for you to handle along with your big event? Call us - from prep to the meal to the big clean-up, we can handle it all!

When executed correctly, spit braais are the perfect addition to any big event. If you’re not quite confident enough, let us take care of every detail for you! We guarantee quality ingredients and a perfectly cooked meal no matter what you choose to put on the fire!

Not sure if a spit braai will suit your next event? Call us! We can almost guarantee it will!