Catering for a working lunch? Here are some of our top tips!

There are so many things to think about if you’re the manager of an office full of people, or the CEO of a company. Adding working lunches has great benefits, but shouldn’t be a pain for the person organising them.

Here are our top tips for planning an office lunch with ease

Focus on the layout 

If people are expected to focus on a work presentation or listen to someone speaking during this working lunch, then you need to make sure they are able to dish up and eat the food with ease. Make sure there is enough table space for all the employees, to avoid people balancing plates on their laps and trying to take notes at the same time. You also want to maximise on time, so the person speaking can have as long as possible to get their point across. In order to do this, make sure you set up the dishing up station in an open area of the office to avoid bottlenecking, queues and long waits. This will make employees frustrated and will waste precious time.

Give people choice 

There are so many things to worry about when running an office, so make sure people’s food orders aren’t one of them. Let people know in advance about the office lunch, and give them the opportunity to let you know their food intolerances and dietary requirements. This way, you can send this list on to whoever is catering, and ensure there is something to make everyone happy.

Outsource the catering 

There is way too much to focus on already, without adding ‘Chef’ to your professional job description. Give the food job to someone else, so you can focus on planning other elements of the lunch and running the office. Professional catering services, like Rocket, will be able to handle the scheduling, ordering, tracking and payment so you don’t have to. We deliver directly to your offices, and can work with any dietary restrictions or office budgets. Using one catering company means you also develop a professional working relationship with them, so they are familiar with you, your staff, and the office’s unique demands.

Make the lunch something to look forward to 

Get a special guest in to speak during office lunches, to give employees something to get excited about, and something to learn from. This will benefit the company in the long run too, since employees are bettering themselves and therefore improving business efficiency too.

With all these helpful tips, and Rocket by your side, there’s no way your next office lunch could be a flop! We provide on-trend quality meals to suit everyone’s palate, and we’re ready to meet with you.

Are your office lunch plans becoming more than you can handle? Rocket can take over!