Farewell lunch at work? Some top tips to make it perfect.

Saying goodbye to a fellow colleague can be really difficult, especially if they’ve been an intricate part of the business, or one of your closest work friends. Cheer them up with these fun farewell party ideas!

Top tips for the perfect farewell lunch

1. Some extra elements

Before we get to the food, there are a few other elements you can focus on to make sure your colleague gets a great send off.  To uplift your colleague and send them off on a high note, get each member of your work team to write a statement about the thing they will remember the most about them. Read the statements out loud and have the person leaving guess who wrote which one. Put these statements in a little book that the person can keep. It’s a great way to look back at that period of their lives, and remember the office environment and work colleagues.

2. Play a simple game or two to get into the party mood

Create a little quiz about your fellow colleague, and have everyone (including them) answer the questions. The colleague who gets the most correct is the winner! This is a great way to have a few laughs together before they leave.

3. Now for the food

The party is most probably being held in the office. This means there are restrictions in terms of places to eat and cutlery available to use. The best office party food is usually light snacks and finger foods. Our suggestions would be things that are already self-contained, and don’t require plates, knives, and forks. Avoid things that are too saucy and could end up spilling on the office floors and couches. We suggest things like packets of homemade sweet potato chips, served with mini burgers. Or boxes of chicken poppers served with little containers of coleslaw and plastic forks. Other great finger food options include meatballs, little savoury pastries, and sliced up veggies on a platter, with a variety of dips and sauces in the centre. Just because you’re serving finger foods, doesn’t mean they need to be flavourless and poor quality. Use fresh ingredients and good quality meats, and these could be the best office party snacks ever!

4. And dessert

In terms of desserts, keep these simple too. Platters of sweet pastries, sugar cones with gourmet ice cream flavours, or a variety of cakes that people can slice and eat are the best options.

Office parties don’t need to be complicated or messy. But, we know how much work you probably have, so planning a party for a colleague who’s leaving can be a challenge.  Hand the planning over to us, and give your colleague the send-off they deserve. We’ll do all the hard work for you, and deliver fresh, tasty meals straight to your office door!

Holding a farewell party at work? Let us take over the food!