Food mash ups? Try this perfectly fun trend for your next corporate lunch

A food mash up is the unlikely combination of flavours and cultures to produce a new food item - one that is on trend and delicious! Think ‘turducken’ (1970s, we know), accelerated into the 21st century in a fresh and exciting way! Food mash ups are a great way to bring some delight into your next corporate lunch in the office.

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Here are our top food mash up picks!

For a snack to pass around during lunch 

Potato chip chicken nuggets are the way to go! Use your favourite chip brand and flavour, crush up the chips, and coat the chicken nuggets with the crumbs before cooking. These come out tender and crunchy, with a hint of whatever flavours you may have picked. Serve with a variety of dips for some extra pizazz.

For mains at lunch

The pizzadilla! This mash up combines the well-loved pizza with the spicy quesadilla. Fill your quesadillas with a traditional pizza topping of tomato paste, mozzarella, and garlic, fold, cook, and enjoy! Now there’s no need to choose between Mexican and Italian.

A side dish for lunch

A BLT potato salad. The traditional BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) is traditionally for sandwiches, but this mash up makes a change. Combine the usual BLT ingredients with a simple potato salad and you’ve got a winning side dish!

For dessert

Crème Brulee French toast bites! This twist on the traditional French toast recipe (usually made by dipping bread slices into a combination of egg and milk), has a layer of caramel syrup and layer of egg custard, making it rich but so delicious! Cut the traditional bread sized pieces into bites that people can nibble on at the end of lunch.

Or try a triple mash up sweet treat...

Oreo filled brownie cupcakes are the next level in the modern mash up trend. Use traditional brownie batter in cupcake moulds, and fill the centre of the mould with an Oreo or two, before covering with the rest of the batter. To go even further, spread a layer of peanut butter on top of the Oreos and then cover with the batter, for a gooey peanut butter biscuit surprise!

These food mash ups may seem crazy but they’re certainly sure to bring some excitement to the next office lunch! If all these combinations seem a little too complex for you to prepare, then call us at Rocket! Our professional catering team will create on-trend food mash ups that are delicious and office-friendly, whatever your catering needs.

Wanting to cater an on-trend food mash up lunch in the office? Rocket’s got the goods!