Food trends to look out for in 2017

Just like fashion or design goes through fads and trends, food does the same! From the pasta salad phenomenon of the 80s, to Capri-Sun juice boxes in the 90s, each year and decade carries it’s own developments.  And 2017 is no different.

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Here are some of the food trends you can look out for over the next few months

1. Health food is no longer for the minority

Restaurants are making an effort to put healthier foods on their menu, and options for those with digestive issues or certain diets are becoming more common. Previously unknown health super foods like kombucha and raw apple cider vinegar are becoming mainstream, and more and more people are interested in benefiting from their healing properties. Super food lattes and juices spiked with extra magic (like turmeric and ginger) are being highlighted and orders for these once ‘weird’ concoctions are increasing.

2. Healthy food delivery services

As people become more health conscious, their demand for quick and easy (but now also healthy) meals continues to grow. Companies have picked up on this and now offer ready-portioned ingredients to whip up a quick and nourishing dinner or even ready-made low carb, gluten-free dinners that can be delivered to your door.

3. Gourmet fast food

Although people are eating out more nowadays, not everyone has the money to spend big at every restaurant. More affordable dishes like fries and hot dogs are being given a ‘gourmet’ transformation. Fries that are triple cooked and loaded with sauces and toppings, and hot dogs made with fancy extras are the order of the day.

4. Meal in a bowl 

This trend came onto the scene late last year and have been growing in popularity ever since. Whether they are Buddha-bowls (filled with grains and veggies), poke bowls (often filled with sliced salmon or chicken and veggie toppings), or Ramen bowls (a noodle and broth based dish), people are always keen for these simple and nutritious options and ‘bowl’ establishments are popping up all over the place.

Now that you have an idea of what’s trending this year, you can get ahead of the game and wow your guests when you book catering for your next event. Rocket is always on top of the latest trends and at the forefront of food creativity. Ask us to prepare fresh juices, gourmet fast foods, or nutrient-dense bowls for any occasion!

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