Hosting a ladies’ lunch in the office this Women's Day? Try these delish ideas!

Women’s Day is happening on Wednesday the 9th of August, and it’s the perfect opportunity to spoil your female employees with a delicious meal! Going out to a restaurant can become way too expensive and complicated, especially when trying to find a place close by that caters to everyone’s individual dietary requirements.

That’s why we’ve come up with a few delicious in-house catering ideas. These save time and money, and are guaranteed to make the ladies in the office feel appreciated and loved.

Delish ideas for an office ladies lunch:

1. A light and healthy salad bar

Women are often health-conscious, especially in this day and age, so a salad bar gives them a delicious but nutritious lunchtime treat. Set up a whole variety of different salads in a buffet-style, and allow each lady to dish up whatever she would like. Make sure to cater to vegetarians and vegans too, so keep some of the salads dairy and meat-free. Our top picks? Spicy roasted lamb, with pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, kale and raisins. Pickled beetroot, served with cashew cream cheese, figs and pistachios. Oven baked chicken or tofu, roasted butternut, and sage and blue cheese sauce (this can easily be swapped for a homemade dairy-free pesto). Grilled peppers, served with olive sourdough and fresh basil. The possibilities are endless!

2. An Asian feast 

This is such a fun idea, and a cuisine most people aren’t too familiar with, so it encourages the ladies to try a few new dishes and explore other cultures. You can box up a few Asian favourites, and have them ready and waiting with labels so people can pick the two or three they’d like to try the most. Have chopsticks, soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi in the middle of the table, and let the feasting begin! Some ideas? Thai fishcakes with a sweet chilli and coriander dipping sauce, mini steamed pork buns, soy chicken salad and spiced eggplant spring rolls. Yum!

3. Build your own burgers

Such a simple but effective way of making people happy with food. Just like the previous ideas, it allows people to pick what they want to eat, so no one feels pressured to have something they don’t like. Lay out all the toppings, proteins, and bun options in the middle of the table and let everyone grab and pass along. Pulled pork, chicken fillets, beef patties and vegetarian patties are great protein ideas, while Portobello mushrooms, Portugese rolls, and lettuce cups are great bun ideas. Let the creativity flow with topping choices! Pickled red onion, grated carrot, pepperdews, Danish feta, pineapple rings, and avo are just a few firm favourites, but don’t let us hold you back from letting your (foodie) imagination run wild!

Catering a lunchtime feast for the ladies in the office doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. As long as everyone has a few choices, people will be happy to feast and enjoy. If all of this, plus office admin, is just too much, call on us at Rocket for professional catering. We’ll whip it all up in a flash, and have it delivered to your office in no time.

Women’s Day lunch at the office got you stressing? Rocket has the feast favourites!