If you’re looking for a new corporate caterer, start with these questions.

Serving food to your employees is such a great added benefit for them at work: whether it be everyday, only on one specific day of the week, or for a monthly lunchtime get together, it’s sure to be highly appreciated by your staff.

If you’re thinking of starting corporate lunches within your company, or want to look for someone new to cater for your team, it’s  important to ask them the right questions when you meet to ensure you get the results you want when the time comes to feast.

Top questions to ask your potential new caterer

1. Can I tour the kitchen?

Checking out the facility where the food is prepared is a must. It will help to settle your mind knowing that the food is made in a clean and safe environment, and you’ll be able to pass this information on to any of the staff that may ask. It’s also a great opportunity to meet the catering team face to face, and get to know the people who will be preparing everything for you.

2. Do you have variety in your menu choices?

Do you have variety in your menu choices? There’s nothing worse than signing on with a corporate caterer, and then realising later on that they are unable to cater for certain dietary or religious requirements, or that they pretty much only specialise in one type of cuisine. You want to make sure your staff will be served an assortment of different dishes, to keep them happy and healthy while at work.

3. Do you offer various presentation and plating options?

Do you offer various presentation and plating options? For everyday lunch in the office, simple plates and cutlery or pre-packaged lunch boxes are the perfect option. But if you’ll be hosting more formal presentations over lunch every once a while, make sure your caterer can also provide a more upmarket food presentation and serving option such as cocktail style dining.

4. Do you provide any eco-friendly options?

This is really important if your company is concerned with preserving the environment and being earth-conscious. Ask the caterer if they provide recycled cutlery and plates, or what their own green footprint is like with regards to their operations as a company. How do they dispose of waste, for example?

If your caterer is able to answer the above questions without hesitation, then they could be the perfect match for your company! At Rocket, we cater professionally for absolutely anything, including corporate lunches! We’re able to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements, and we keep things fresh with new and exciting recipes for your staff to savour. Chat to us and get your corporate catering perfected!

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