Marquee Event? We’ve weighed the pros and cons.

Marquees are an amazing addition to almost any event! But there are also a few downsides to these nifty portable venues. Before you make your final decision about whether a marquee is the right for your next big event, read on to find out more about their pros and cons.

The main benefit of hiring a marquee for your event is the ability to customise it. The tent provides a structure and cover - what goes on inside is up to you!

Three things to consider for the marquee at your catering event

1. The Size

No matter how big (or small) your guest list, there are guaranteed to be marquees out there that you can use. For example, if you’re desperate to have a garden wedding, you can find a marquee with the perfect dimensions to fit into the space. Similarly, if you’re needing to host an event with 300 people, there will be extra large marquees you can hire to accommodate everyone.

2. The Décor

Unlike some event venues, where the décor is set in stone and unable to be altered, marquees allow for customisable décor. Whatever colour or theme your event is based on, it can be incorporated into the marquee décor in a simple or extremely detailed way. Having control of décor is a massive benefit for an event, as the décor is one of the first things your guests will notice. You have control over how the space is perceived, and this is invaluable.

3. The Layout

Using a marquee means you can decide on how the space is used. Unlike an already-built venue, a marquees space can be altered continuously. If your event requires a catering space that can’t be seen by the guests, you can section off an area and put room dividers or temporary walls in place so it becomes private. This also means if you’d like buffet-style dining, you can have it! You can choose exactly where guests dish up from, and you can design the space so it flows seamlessly. If you’d like a three course meal that is served by waiters and waitresses, you can create a ‘kitchen space’ that is unseen by guests, where food is prepared and plated and then picked up by the waitering staff.

However, there are also a few downsides to hiring a marquee for your catering event

1. They require more effort than a venue

Although they are customisable and therefore unique, marquees also need to be filled with many things before they’re ready to host an event. This means you’ll need to hire chairs, tables, lighting, cutlery and more, while a venue usually has all these things available for you. Not to mention the food… Catering in a marquee presents a unique set of food-related challenges. Your venue dictates your menu to a large degree. A marquee is a difficult venue to work with if you aren’t a professional caterer, who would be used to varying temperatures in a venue, difficulty in sourcing electricity for hot plates, urns etc, deciding on the right serving option for the type of food and the chosen menu, as well as how best to keep a crowd happy. If you’re going for a marquee, professional caterers like us at Rocket, are your best bet. We’re seasoned professionals when it comes to all the unexpected hiccups that a marquee venue can create.

2. They are seasonal

Marquees can be very hot in Summer and very cold in Winter; this is why they work best in Spring and Autumn, when the weather is more suitable to a tented atmosphere. If your event takes place in the peak of Summer or Winter, you will probably need to hire an air-con system or portable heaters to ensure your guests are comfortable.

3. They can be loud

Marquees do not have double glazed windows and doors like some venues, which means the noise is often isn’t blocked out. If your event is going to go on late into the night, with music and dancing, this could be an issue for neighbours.

Now that you’ve read up on the pros and cons of marquees, you can make a more informed decision about what will suit your next event best. Wherever you decide to host your event, Rocket is the perfect professional catering accompaniment. Let us handle the food - however you decide to serve it! We’ll meet with you and work out a delicious menu to make you and your guests happy under your big top!

Settled on a marquee? Now, you need delicious catering! Rocket can cater in any venue!